Mortgage Leads FAQ

Are the leads exclusive?

Yes, all leads are exclusive to one broker or company.

Who owns the client?

Generally speaking you do. Please read the who owns the client page..

How much does it cost?

There are varying costs for subscribing and non-subscribing companies. Go to the cost of mortgage lead page for more information

How quickly will I receive the lead?

Once payment is made you will receive the lead with one hour of payment.

Where do you get your leads from?

We obtain leads from two mortgage broker specific websites and Direct phone calls and online forms are the main ways we receive leads. We also have a network of finance professionals that also provide leads but this is a small proportion of all the leads received.

Do you offer refunds for leads?

Yes, under the following circumstances - click here (scroll down to the middle of the page)

What qualifications do I require to receive the leads?

You will need the following qualifications and associations to register for this service:

  • Have an Australian Credit Licence (ACL) or you are a credit representative.

  • Must be a member of MFAA or FBAA

  • Member of a dispute resolution scheme such as COSL.