Lead Communication Examples

When you win a lead - for both phone calls and emails - always reference "Smart Search Finance" and their form submission on the website so they can associate their enquiry to you. Otherwise they will think you are some random caller and likely to ignore you.

Phone Messages

An example phone message would be scripted as follows.

"Hello John, yesterday at 5pm you submitted an online home loan equiry on the Smart Search Finance website. (You can add what ever you want here). Feel free to give me a call on 04XXXXXXX at your convenience. The phone number again is 04XXXXXX"

Email Messages

Emails should also reference their form submission and a copy of their submission.

An example email should read as follows but more importantly reference how you received their contact information. You can word the body of this email however you wish.

"Hello XXXXX,

Thank you for submitting an online enquiry to Smart Search Finance. Please see your submission shown below.

So we can help you better, can you provide me with a valid phone number so we can discuss your options. Alternatively you can contact me on XXXXXXXXXX or feel free to email me.

I have over 12 years lending experience and based on the information you have provided; I am confident I will be able to find you finance based on your submission.

We have multiple lenders with highly competitive interest rates that may suit your requirements. We can offer loans as low as XXXXX

I can guide you through the lending process and handle all the paperwork for you to make your application as simple as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Your Name

Company Name

Phone Number

Your Title"


Lenders :
Loan Purpose Purchasing a Property
Loan Type Home Loan
Loan Amount 570000
Purchase Price or Property Value 550000
Deposit or Equity in a Property / Asset 650000
Employment Status Self-Employed: Cannot show tax returns
Combined Annual Income $130,000
Credit Rating Unpaid Defaults less than $1,000
Name S..................
Email m.............
Phone 0..................
Time to Call Anytime
Postcode 3016
State VIC
IP Address