How Much You Can Borrow
  BORROWER - Current and Future Commitments
  Proposed Loan Amount (Optional)      
  Proposed Purchase Price (Optional)      
  Deposit Amount (Optional)      
  Number of Single Adults (Only complete if you are not a couple - Couples complete below)      
  Number of Couples - Married or Defacto      
  Number of Children / Dependents      
  Total Credit Card Limits      
  Car Loan Repayments Per Month      
  Personal Loan Repayments Per Month      
  Other Loan Repayments Per Month      
  INCOME   Gross Annual   Annual Gross Rental
  Applicant 1 - Annual Income    
  Applicant 2 - Annual Income    
  Applicant 3 - Annual Income    
  Applicant 4 - Annual Income    
  Applicant 5 - Annual Income    
  Applicant 6 - Annual Income    
  Other Income eg Dividends, Term Deposits    
  Untaxed Income eg Pensions / Family Payment    
  Annual Business Taxable Income    
  Maximum Loan Amount:  


Important Note: This is only an estimate and may not take into account all your circumstances. To get a more accurate assessment of how much you can borrow get a qualified mortgage broker or loan advisor to find out if you are suitable for a loan