Compare Loans Mortgage Calculator

Calculate mortgage repayments and total costs

  • Calculate the repayments and annual cost of two separate mortgages

  • The calculator compares two loans monthly, fortnightly, weekly and interest only mortgage repayments. Also, calculates comparison rates or average annual interest rate for both loans.

  • If you are unsure on what figure to insert there are instructions below

  • If you need help with this calculator please do not hesitate to contact us.

Compare Loans
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Compare Home Loans Calculator

Compare home loan lenders interest rates, fees and products side by side. All the mortgage calculations are done for you.

Mortgage calculations such as repayment amount, fees, comparison rate and total cost of loan are all done for you in a side by side comparison

Compare Home Loans

How To Use This Calculator


1. Loan Amount - Estimate of how much you would like to borrow - not sure find out how much you can borrow

2. Number of Years - Enter the number of years to pay the loan

3. Fixed or Intro Term (optional): Insert the fixed rate term in years or the introductory rate or honeymoon period. Expressed in years

4. Fixed or Intro Term Interest Rate (optional) - Insert the fixed interest rate term or the introductory rate or honeymoon period.

5. Ongoing Interest Rate - Insert the interest rate. If there is a fixed or introductory period insert the interest rate after the period has ended.

6. Repayment Frequency - Choose monthly, fortnightly, weekly or interest only and the repayments result will reflect your repayments for that period. Note that interest only payments are calculated per month. Click the following link if you would like to use a specific interest only mortgage calculator.

7. Application Fee - Insert the total upfront fees for the loan

8. Monthly Fees - Insert the ongoing monthly fee if applicable to the loan

9. Yearly Fees - Some lenders charge an annual fee for loans

10. Discharge Fees and or Early Exit Fees - Most lenders charge an discharge of mortgage fee between $150 and $900 when your mortgage has been discharged. Insert early exit fee penalties if you discharge your loan within the first 3 to 5 years.


11.Total Fees - This includes all the upfront, ongoing and exit fees associated with your loan.

12. Intro or Fixed Repayments- This is your monthly, fortnightly, weekly or interest only repayments for a fixed rate loan or introductory rate loan

13. Ongoing Repayments - This is your monthly, fortnightly, weekly or interest only repayments for the loan. If there is a fixed or introductory period then these are the repayment after the period has expired.

14. Interest Paid - This is the total interest paid over the term of the loan without making extra repayments, interest rate changes or using an offset facility.

15. Total Cost of Loan - This is the total cost of the loan and it includes all the upfront, ongoing and exit fees for that loan.

16. Comparison Rate - As described above

Important Note About The Calculator

This is an estimate only. It is provided for illustrative purposes only and is based on the accuracy of information provided. It does not constitute a quote. Results are based on amortised scheduled repayments and, once any discount or fixed rate period expires, applies the current variable rate for the remainder of the loan term. All applications for credit are subject to lenders normal credit approval criteria.