Christmas Home Loan Cut Off Times



In a rush to get home loan and investment loan paper work processed before Christmas, lenders have set specific dates for submission.

Below I have provided a list of estimated cut off dates before the 23rd December deadline. This summary of what lenders are doing  and you should check with your lender or broker to find out specific dates from your lender

Home Loan Approvals: 5th December

First Home Buyers Grants (FHOG): 9th December

Settlements: 12th December

Drawdowns: 12th December

External Refinances: 5th December

Loan Variations: 16th December

Discharges: 28th November

After these dates there is a great possibility that your home loan requests will not be processed before Christmas. So be mindful of these dates and contact your lender or broker now to ensure that your application is not delayed.

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