Over the last month we have seen commercial interest rates fall due to a softening economy. Below are the updated interest rates shown below.

LenderLoan TypeSecurity TypeInterest RateMax LVR
Commercial Reference RateVariable Interest Rate fromCommercial Security3.49% to 5.47% plus risk marginUp to 75%Enquire
BankVariableResidential Security4.44%80%Enquire
BankFixed Rates FromResidential Security4.44%80%Enquire
BankVariable Rates FromCommercial Security3.43% – 5.74%Up to 80%Enquire
BankLease Doc VariableCommercial Security4.69% – 5.99%60% to 80%Enquire
BankCommercial Equity Loan FromCommercial Security4.69% to 6.25%60% to 80%Enquire
Bank1 Year Fixed Rate FromCommercial Security3.43% – 6.01%Up to 80%Enquire
Bank2 Year Fixed Rate FromCommercial Security3.56% – 5.83%Up to 80%Enquire
Bank3 Year Fixed Rate FromCommercial Security3.68% – 5.74%Up to 80%Enquire
Bank4 Year Fixed Rate FromCommercial Security3.87% – 5.14%Up to 80%Enquire
Bank5 Year Fixed Rate FromCommercial Security3.96% – 5.24%Up to 80%Enquire
Various LendersDevelopment Rate FromCommercial Securityfrom 4.45%Up to 75%Enquire
Non BankSMSF Self Managed Super FundCommercial Securityfrom 5.99%Up to 70%Enquire

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Please Note: that the above interest rates are only examples. Interest rates are subject to change and vary according to security type, property type, borrow amount against the properties value, loan amount, location, use and purpose. Please complete an online form so we can assess your commercial lending needs