Cost of Insurance Leads, Use, Eligibility, Refunds


Insurance leads are either sold via auction or directly via email. If a lead is not sold via auction then it is sold by email. See descriptions below to see how these work.

Delivered exclusively to one broker or company only. This means that you are the only recipient of the lead and is not sold to any other lender or broker.

Leads Sold By Email

Insurance leads that are not sold by auction are sold by email.

Emailed leads are sent to multiple brokers and the first broker to accept the lead will win the lead.

To access these leads you can register your interest here.

Leads Sold By Auction*

*At the moment we do not use the auction system but we may in the future.

These leads are sold from our dedicated auction website where you will need to register to view and bid on leads.

All leads are posted within an hour of receipt during business hours or posted first thing in the morning if the lead was submitted overnight. Leads received over the weekend will be posted first thing Monday morning.

Leads up for auction are available for 60 minutes only. This is to ensure that the lead gets contacted as soon as possible.

There are instructions on the auction page that explains the bidding process and the terms and conditions associated with bidding.

To access these leads you can register your interest here.


All leads are on a pay per lead basis and are exclusive to the subscribing company. Costs of leads are $33.00 each.


Payment is made through the following methods;
  • VISA or MASTER CARD credit cards through the PayPal payment system.

  • PayPal if you have an account with them.

Use of Leads

  • Leads are strictly to be marketed for finance purposes only.

  • Leads are provided on an 'as is' basis and are non-refundable.

  • Leads containing false information will be credited at the discretion of Smart Search Finance. See more below.

  • Any breach of these terms of use is grounds for immediate termination of subscription and further legal action against the offender.

Lead Refunds

This only applies to internet form based leads that are not qualified. Leads are refunded under the following circumstances;

  • If the phone number or email is incorrect and they are un-contactable.

  • If there is no contact information.

  • Non Australian enquiry. May not include non-resident expatriate loans.

  • Duplicate leads - if the contact information is the same as another lead.

  • If the number and email are for another person that has not given consent to receive finance information