RBA Holds Interest Rates Steady at 4.35% Amid Persistent Inflation and Economic Uncertainty

RBA May Meeting Decision – Interest Rates Remain at 4.35%

Inflation persists at elevated levels, showing a slower decline than initially anticipated. Recent data indicates a gradual moderation in inflation, particularly in services, though it remains high overall. Despite this, domestic cost pressures remain elevated, and labor market conditions are not easing as much as predicted, indicating a tighter labor market than previously assumed. The
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Home Loan and Investment Property Loan Interest Rate Update April 19th 2024

Interest rates have remained stable for the month of April and March.  inflationary pressures are easing and economists are predicting an interest rate drop as early as November this year. Please visit our website for more information regarding. Home Loans Investment Property Loans Mortgage Calculators Interest Rates Home and Investment Loan Interest Rates $3,000 CASH
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