Fixed Rate Home Loans Are Falling

Despite the RBA leaving variable interest rates on hold for July, fixed rate home loans and investment loans continue to fall.

Below is just a sample of the types of rates you may find in the Australian mortgage market. Please note that these loans may not suit all borrowers so it is imperative that you contact your mortgage advisor to see if these loans suit your lending needs.

1  Year Fixed Rate     4.69%     CPR 5.13%

2  Year Fixed Rate     4.79%     CPR 5.31%

3  Year Fixed Rate     4.68%     CPR 5.31%

4  Year Fixed Rate     5.21%     CPR 5.13%

5  Year Fixed Rate     5.29%     CPR 5.45%

7  Year Fixed Rate     7.30%     CPR 5.26%

10 Year Fixed Rate     7.30%     CPR 5.26%

For more information on fixed rate loans and to see if they suit your lending needs feel free to submit a mortgage quote by clicking the button below.


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